Julia Hartley-Brewer is the presenter of the weekday breakfast radio show on talkRADIO. She has promoted various talking points popular with Covid Sceptics, in particular the idea that 91% of positive Covid tests are "false positives". In Autumn 2020 she argued there was "no justification" for a second lockdown and claimed the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Advisor were promoting "project fear".

In late October, Hartley-Brewer claimed there were no excess deaths occurring. In September, she wrote that "a second wave is highly unlikely," and that there was "no evidence of a second wave". She has generally argued that the risks of Covid are lower than commonly assumed. She claimed in October 2020 that there are "no excess deaths" and in January 2021 that Covid "isn’t causing excess deaths anymore."

Example contributions

"The virus kills. It just isn’t causing excess deaths anymore."

Twitter, 4 January 2021

"Most patients with Covid positive tests are not actually being treated for Covid. They are in hospital for other conditions."

Twitter, 23 December 2020

"Of course false negatives have a clear risk. The false positives, however, are responsible for driving the Govt's lockdown policy which will ultimately cost more (and younger) lives so may actually be more risky and deadly in the long run."

Twitter, 14 November 2020


Aaaaaaarrrrggghhhh!!!! It’s out of control. WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE.

Twitter, 1 November

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